Historia Inmediata

Chiapas y la escritura de la historia

To those interested in Chiapas,

I wrote a book which was published in 1996 by Syracuse U. Press called Beyond Eurocentrism in which I presented a theory of modern Mexican history as comparable to that of Italy, that is of having a hegemony of the North over the South, of making the South into folklore in order to better exploit  its lower class a la Gramsci's essay on the Southern Question. I think the uprising by "Indians" in Chiapas fits in this type of approach to explanation quite well.

Regrettably, to this point I never managed to get the book reviewed in spanish or Portuguese or to have the argument tried out in Mexico. Apparently most writers think,  the world is apparently now entirely international, and that globalism does not have national roots or social dynamics. Gramsci's theories of hegemony are therefore out of date. I don't agree.  I still would like to test the utility of the approach.

Peter Gran