III Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate Santiago de Compostela

III Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate
Santiago de Compostela, 14-18 de julio de 2004

Globalización, antiglobalización, historia


Necessity of Completion of History of Globalization of Zionism as a Mean of Prevention of Third World War
PROF. PH.DR. SAVANELI BIZINA (Georgian University, Georgia)


1. Prevailing notions of international law do not appear ill suited to finding adequate solutions for the myriad problems that are transnational in

scope. Among these are global warming, ozone depletion, over-fishing, deforestation, marine pollution, narcotics and contraband armaments traffic, racism, terrorism, illegal trade in endangered species of flora and fauna, and unregulated financial transfers. These phenomenons exceed the capacities of any individual state or even any block of states to control effectively.

2. Politics has polluted the World Law and Order. Thus it is necessary to purify them. The device is following Save the Planet after September 11 through ideological war against several forms of racism, including Zionism. "Palestinians...have suffered fifty years of ethnic cleansing (massacres of entire villages followed by selective murders, bulldozing of entire cities then of individual houses, and widespread use of torture and humiliation, aimed at making the Palestinian people "disappear"). Arab masses know that these crimes have been and are still permitted and financed by the West, and especially by the US taxpayer ($6.5 billion a year in economic aid, military aid, federal loans guarantees and tax-deductible donations to Zionist organizations). This makes them unreceptive to the war against Islamic terror and even more resentful against their local dictators". (Editorial to the "Journal of World Affairs and New Technology", Volume 5, Number 3 Quarterly - July 2002 ISSN 1098-4216).

We must fight not only against international terrorism but also and basically against the cause of international terrorism. The cause of

international terrorism is international Zionism. More over, Zionists wish and attempt to involve Christian World in the war against Muslims.

3. To reply on such unprecedented for the history of above mentioned phenomenon’s that is necessary to reconcile two contradicted theories "

Natural Theory of Law" and "Pure Theory of Law". We are suggesting a new theory named by us "Anthropological Normativizm" and argued the idea about Jus Cogens character of Bill of Human Rights. In the frameworks of the theory of "Anthropological Normativizm" we investigated the most important contemporary problems relationship between ‘globalization’ and ‘pluralism’, between 'legal monism' and 'normative pluralism', between ‘legal order’ and ‘normative orders’ concerning an emerging new western legal doctrine in context of Comparative Law.

4. The fact is that at the end of the twentieth century we are forced to recognize that the authority of law is based on a metanorm named by us as Universal Human Rights Law, which is hierarchically superior to the International and Domestic laws. Bill of Human Rights takes off any

distinction between "Natural Theory of Law" and "Pure Theory of Law". World Conference on Human Rights (1993) animously declared "Human Rights are ultimate norm of all politics... Human rights, by their nature, do away with the distinction between the internal order and international order." In this respect Transformation of International Law into Universal Human Rights Law is a decisive challenge of our time, especially after the September 11.Bill of Human Rights gave the birth not only to the new field of international relations among states regulated by the International Law of Human Rights, but also to the new legal relations among states and individuals regulated by the International Human Rights Law. International Law of Human Rights and International Human Rights Law entail Universal Human Rights Law. In other words, each state-party is responsible to other state-parties, and at the same time, to the every individual. In this sense, Universal Human Rights Law can be named as "Dual-faced Janus". One face looks at the states, other ­ to the individuals.

In such sense the Universal Human Rights Law is a pick of Pyramid of the Positive World Law, which should be based on the Natural Human Rights, and which oblige the member-states in the light of necessity of reconstruction of UN’s functions in peacekeeping operation in transition period for the World, especially after US unsanctioned by UN intervention into Iraq. As Abraham Lincoln put it, "Whenever there is a conflict between human rights and property rights, human rights must prevail." At the same time Universal Human Rights Law provides the basis for the legitimization of the modern states in their constitutional forms.

5. Where is the solution?

It’s possible either replaces the Judaic­Christian religion by Dahosism or separates the Judaic and Christian religions, and transforms the Christian religion in the mode of the doctrine of Francisco d' Assisi. We consider as acceptable the coexistence of the both trends, even to act in concert towards the creation of new and united ECOLOGICAL RELIGION.The first step that the humanity has to do, is the integration of basic

religious trends, because the God is one and unique, even to act in concert towards the creation of new and united environmental religion. Actually it means a global substitution of very expensive and dangerous exploitation of Earth’s nonrenewable resources by using of inexpensive and renewable Daylight, Solar and Wind energy as a stable guaranty for the sustainable development of humankind.

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