III Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate Santiago de Compostela

III Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate
Santiago de Compostela, 14-18 de julio de 2004

Grupos, redes, movimientos historiográficos

Der Vorsitzende: Prof. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Nolte
Bullerbachstr.12, 3o89o Barsinghausen, Tel o51o5/64332
Email: [email�protected]./
Website: "


Short note

The Verein was founded in 1992 in Barsinghausen, a suburban town near Hannover, where most of the members work in university, schools or the media. The Verein is aiming at bringing together those talking German, who are inter-ested in global history, which as they feel is having too little public interest. The Verein won members allover Germany, in Austria and Luxemburg , in Japan and USA. Up to now though it did only grow to 60 members. The Verein is an associated member of the World-History-Association.

The Verein regularly is inviting to lectures and small conferences. We had as guests Journalists and historians, politicians and representatives from other sciences. Conferences in 2003 were held on compensation claims in history (slaves following emancipation, slave-labor in Nazi-camps, Africans against Europeans - Herero, Mau-Mau - etc.) , on "One-World" and "World-System-Studies". For lectures in 2003 we heard Prof. Nolte on everyday-Life in a Russian province-town; Prof. Komlosy/Vienna on internal Peripheries in the Habsburg-Monarchy, Prof. Cajani/Rome on teaching of global history, and Dr. Madievski/Kishinev - Aachen on The Protestant Church of Germany and the Israel-Palestinian-conflict.

Internal communication is organized by the Rundbrief (now Nr. 83). Further the Verein since 2000 is publishing the ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR WELT-GESCHICHTE , which has published articles by (to name only non-Germans): Maurice Aymard (France), Carlos Barros (Spain), Luigi Cajani (Italy), Inna Deviatko (Russia),Irina Djakonova (Russia), Shmuel N. Eisenstadt (Israel), Peter Feldbauer (Austria), Sheila Fitzpatrick (USA), Tamerlan Gad-zhiev (Daghestan), Johan Galtung (France), Andre Gunder Frank (Luxemburg), Barry Higman (Australia), Shin Jong-hwa (China), Bruce Mazlish (USA), Hsiung Ping-chen (Taiwan), Pavel Polian (Russia), Kenneth Pomeranz (USA), Haruko Saito (Japan), Kwok Siu-tong (China), Vasili Voukoutiotis (Canada), Immanuel Wallerstein (USA), Nina Waschkau (Russia), Gerhard Weinberg (USA).

From the beginning Prof. Dr. Nolte has been chairman of the Verein (reelected all two years until now), Also he is editing the Journal. Members of the Verein are acting as guest-editors for certain volumes, for instance Prof. Sachsenmaier (Sta. Barbara/California) for China and Dr. Kremb, director of the Gymnasium in Winnweiler/Pfalz, for a volume on "geo-ecology

������������������������������������������������������� Hans-Heinrich Nolte

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