III Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate Santiago de Compostela

III Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate
Santiago de Compostela, 14-18 de julio de 2004


Kidder Smith w∑_

Asian Studies Program

7500 College Station

Bowdoin College

Brunswick, Maine 04011-8475

(207) 725-3524

[email protected]

Institutional affiliation:

1981-present, Bowdoin College, Department of History and Program in Asian Studies, Professor

Educational background:

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, Department of History, 1979

B.A. Princeton University, Oriental Studies, 1968

Major publications:

Natural Crazy Wisdom, to appear in The International Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

Sima Tan and the Invention of Taoism, Legalism, et cetera, Journal of Asian Studies 62.1 ( February 2003), pp. 129-156. A one-thousand word essay on the application of mythology to the human sciences was also published as part of the section In This Issue.

Transmuting Blood and Guts: My Experiences in the Buddhist Military, Tricycle--The Buddhist Review 10.4 (Summer 2001), pp. 72-77.

The Art of War: A New Translation, with essays and commentary, collaborative work by Denma Translation Group (Boston: Shambhala Publications, 2001). Sinological apparatus at <>. Paperback, library, and audio editions also published.

H≤lߪ]lߙZ, in ]lLk≤{N˘≠ (Beijing: Military Science Press, 1999), pp. 294-97.

Contextualized Translation of the Yijing, Philosophy East and West 49.3 (July 1999), pp. 177-83.

The Militarist Texts: The Sunzi for second edition of Sources of Chinese Tradition, ed. Wm. Theodore de Bary & Irene Bloom (New York: Columbia University Press, 1999), pp. 213-23.

Heterogeneous Compiltion and Sundz 12-13, Q101, in Warring States Working Group Papers (5 February 1998), pp. 1-6.

Pre-Qin Military Texts, with Special Regard to the Sunzi, China Review International 1 (March 1994), pp. 231-42.

On the ∂-√ Family Relationship, Shumu jikan ƗuZ (Taipei), 27.4 (March 1994), pp. 193-99.

The Difficulty of the Yijing, Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 15 (December 1993), pp. 1-15.

Some Consequences of Regarding the Sunzi as Anterior to the Laozi, in ∞ͨG∑s, ed. Tang Yijie (Beijing: Beijing University Press, 1993), pp. 471-85.

≈m√n?, Sunzi xuekan ]l櫕Z 6 (1993.2), pp. 38-39; reprinted in Sunzi tansheng ]l≥ (Beijing: Chinese Academy of Military Science, 1993), pp. 373-77.

q∞Ωթ≥≥y∫a∑ߩ, Zhongguo wenhua ∞ͧ§∆ 7 (1992), pp. 134-35.

Editor, Chuang Tzu::Rationality::Interpretation (Bowdoin College, 1991) and Sagehood and Systematizing Thought (Bowdoin College, 1990).

Senior author, Sung Dynasty Uses of the I Ching (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1990)

Zhouyi Interpretation from Accounts in the Zuozhuan, Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 49 (December 1989), pp. 421-63.

{[∫∂, Zhouyi yanjiu 1Ps (Spring 1989), pp. 10-11.

Editor, Zhouyi Network P∫ٵ∏, an annual newsletter of Yijing studies, 1986-91.

Book reviews in:

Journal of Asian Studies, Philosophy East and West, Natural History, Journal of the American Oriental Society, Journal of Ritual Studies, Journal of Chinese Religions, Sung-Yuan Bulletin, Religious Studies Review, etc.

Other activities:

Referee for National Endowment for the Humanities, Princeton University Press, Columbia University Press, Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, Journal of Asian Studies, Journal of Military History, Journal of Japanese History, Routledge, Committee on Scholarly Communication with China

Co-convener of three meetings of the New England Symposium on Chinese Thought, held at Breckinridge Conference Center, including successful grant applications for conference support to Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation and MarPat Foundation

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