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Greetings and Happy Anniversary!

As a new member, I have read the debate on colonialisation and moral responsibility with interest. My own research concerns the involvement of a major English slaving port (Bristol) in the Atlantic slave trade and its impact on the wealth and culture of the city in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and its legacy for racial attitudes.

If it is appropriate, I should like to ask members of the discussion group for nformation on an aspect of this research.

1. It has been said by Lord Hugh Thomas in his History of the Slave Trade that Bristol traders (notably Robert Thorne but there are others) in the late 1400's and 1500's were involved in the Seville/Africa slave trade. I should appreciate contacts with any scholars who know more about this.

2. I am trying to obtain a book by Marisa Vega Blanco, El Trefico des Esclavos (Seville 1984)--any leads as to where it can be obtained in this country (or in Spain) would be much appreciated.

Many thanks
Madge Dresser
Email: [email protected]
"University of the West of England"