The problem does not lie primarily with the willingness of the neo-Nazi/ neo-fascist willingness to "hide" behind any ideology. The problem is that the dominant ideology has become that which the National Socialists could only dream: namely the general acceptance that business values (giant multinationals) are the only values which the State is obliged to defend. This does not mean that only business decisions are favoured but that the entire rationale-- even of so-called social policy-- is dictated by business. Businesses are by nature authoritarian if not dictatorial institutions. It scarcely makes a difference whether the single-mindedness lies in one master race or profit maximisation. It is this group bearing this business ideology which is the greatest denier of the mass murder not only those of 1939-45 but of those before (glorifying the mass slaughter of the Great War) and those since. These are the same people who control the mass media and tell us what we ought to believe. National Socialism has already been rehabilitated we need have no illusions about that. It is live and well in the traditions of Zionism.
There is a popular but not necessarily inaccurate observation in psychology: children of alcoholics or child-beaters often repeat the pattern they "learned" at home. In the individual psychology of fanatical nationalism it is the Europeans who have the most violent and stable tradition-- not the followers of Islam. We should not forget that it is the last major religious driven empire: the Roman Catholic Church, which summoned "the West" to drive Islam from Europe and colonise the Middle East. The current religious empire headed by the US and Israel is simply pursuing this vicious tradition further.
The neo-Nazism that is shown in the Press comes from the same sources that all hooliganism comes (small scale business terrorism) and is no more dangerous than any other hooliganism. But it is favoured by those who want to bully and persecute the poor and/ or undocumented. Nevertheless one should not confuse the head and upper torso with the fingers and toes.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Cordialement/ Cordiali saluti/ Yours sincerely/ 

Dr. Patrick Wilkinson
Cognitive Consulting and Language Logistics
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