Historia Inmediata

Intifada Palestina

I believe that the gentleman who wrote this is getting to the point (J.Francisco Correa Arias,
Profesor de Enseñanza secundaria y doctorando, Coruña. España). The official history does not need more advocates. Immediate history has one ambitious and very serious mission, to capture the living record of events as they affect those who are involved-- on the receiving end-- and to make sure it does not get lost by the official historians. If there are those who are "on the streets", there have to be those who write about what they do and think-- to reflect on their past and create the documents for the future.

The concentration of what has become a "comic book" media controlled by ever fewer governments and corporations means this job is very necessary but very difficult. I think of this history in terms of what Gutierrez and Boff taught about the Church. History is another site of struggle: it is where the fight for truth and dignity meet the writing of the past, living of the present and hope for the future.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Cordialement/ Cordiali saluti/ Yours sincerely/

Dr. Patrick Wilkinson
Institute for Advanced Cultural Studies - Europe
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