I subscribed to this forum several weeks ago on the assumption that it was a forum for discussion and debate over genuine historiographical issues. The message below leads me to believe that I was misled. The statement by Jorge Oriola - "Israel, estado sionista, repite con los palestinos lo que los nazis hicieron con el pueblo judo cincuenta anos atras" (in the somewhat mangled English translation, "Israel, state Zionist, repeat with the Palestinians what the Nazis back did with the Jewish town [people] fifty years [ago]" - is outrageously and obviously false. It can be explained only on the assumption that the writer is totally ignorant about what the Nazis did to the Jewish people during the Second World War and what is going on in the Middle East today, or on the assumption that he knows how absurd his analogy absurd is but uses it any way for cynical propaganda purposes.  In either case, it has no place in a forum for proper historical discussion.

Marc Saperstein
Professor of History
George Washington University 

[email protected]