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To the Signers of the Historians Against the War Statement

Dear HAW Supporters:


Four items:

1)      February 15

2)      Contribute to the “Virtual Movement Archive” on the HAW web site

3)      Become a HAW contact person; join the HAW conference call

4)      Fundraising, again


1) As you no doubt know by now, the February 15-16 demonstrations in the US and around the world were a massive, powerful statement of international opposition to the Bush administration’s war plans.  In New York, a HAW contingent of over 60 people marched together from the CUNY Grad Center toward the rally until we melted into the enormous crowds. A second HAW contingent left from Columbia University.  A number of HAW supporters met later in the day back at the Grad Center, and our discussions are reflected in this message.  An assessment of the NYC February 15 action by our colleague Van Gosse, member of both the HAW organizing committee and United for Peace and Justice, appears on the HAW web site at http://yachana.org/haw/feb15van.html  Photos of the NYC HAW contingent are also mounted on the web site.


2) We want the HAW web site to become a source for information about the great variety of antiwar activities occurring across the country.  We are therefore inviting everyone on this list to send us a few paragraphs about activities in which you are involved -- whether related to February 15 or not -- and we will publish them on the Virtual Movement Archive section of our web site.  Photos are welcome, too.


3) In order to make HAW a more effective network of historians across the country, we are establishing a system of regional contact people.  The basic tasks of HAW contacts will be modest: provide information about HAW to those in the region requesting it, keep in touch intermittently with HAW supporters in the vicinity, communicate periodically with national HAW, and, when appropriate, represent HAW at local antiwar activities. If you are willing to explore the possibility of becoming a HAW contact person, please write us at this e-mail address.  Also, on Sunday evening, March 2, we are hosting a large conference call for all HAW supporters who want to get more involved in the network and who want to discuss its future.  If you would like to join that conference call, please write us back at this e-mail address.


4) Finally, we want to again remind everyone that we are now fundraising to pay off past bills and establish a small treasury.  Please make checks out to “HAW” or Historians Against the War” and send them to:

        Historians Against the War

        Columbia University Station
        P.O. Box 250374
        New York, NY 10025-9991

Thank you.


More news to come about HAW meetings at the Organization of American Historians and at other conferences, etc., etc.  But that’s all for now.



Andor Skotnes

For the HAW organizing committee


Web site: http://www.historiansagainstwar.org

HAW listserv sign up: http://yachana.org/haw/listserv.html