Grupo Manifiesto Historia a Debate


Dear Colleagues,

The manifesto is encouraging, and I believe it reflects current problems and issues very accurately. I endorse the directions it proposes.

I am not quite clear however of the meaning of section V Against Fragmentation. The third paragraph isn't very clear. There are some faults in the English translation, so perhaps this is contributing to the problem. You seem to be groping towards an idea of history in a global age but what kind of history does this really imply? I find this section rather vague.

The final version of this document deserves wide circulation worldwide,

best wishes,

Martyn Lyons
Professor Martyn Lyons
School of History & European Studies Programme
Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Sydney 2052


Cher collègue,

Notre Manifeste é un projet ouvert, en construction… Qu’est-ce que nous proposons contre la fragmentation de l’histoire ? Tout d’abord le travail en réseau, l’historiographie global que Histoire en débat représente. Après les nouvelles approches globales dans la recherche empirique, nous essaierons l’ histoire mixte comme histoire globale, et évidement l’histoire mondiale comme histoire globale…

Carlos Barros
Coordinador de Historia a Debate
Santiago de Compostela (España)