Grupo Manifiesto Historia a Debate


Dear Carlos

I have just read through the latest version of the Manifesto for HuD, and I cannot be more in agreement with it than I am. It is an excellent document.

Certainly I would wish to be associated with it in public, both as a scholar myself and as gthe editor of Mentalities/Mentalites.

I propose therefore to work through it again over the next few days to make some of the awkward turns more idiomatic in Enghlish, without, however, making any alterations in content. Then I want to set it up to go into the next number of MM Vol., 18:1--for whenever it can be printed (God knows since there is simply no money available for me to contemplate that task in the near future)... but hope always springs eternal.

While I concur again and again with each aspect of the Manifesto, as I read it I find myself on the verge of tears--tears of utter frustration because I feel so cut off from the places ands the persons who are involved in the porject. My isolation and alienation, especially since my return to NZ less than a month ago, hurts more than it ever has.

Of course, I throw myself into my teaching, my research and my writing, but there is always the human element missing. There is also, as I have mentioned, the universities, but also now increasingly in the newspapers.

With all deepest respect and affection,

Dr Norman Simms, Co-ordinating Editor of Mentalities/Mentalites, P.O. Box 1198, Hamilton, New Zealand