Grupo Manifiesto Historia a Debate


[Nota: Publicación comentada del Manifiesto de HaD en por parte de Giusto Triana, Universidad de Lecce]

MANIFESTO DEGLI STORICI - Passiamo ora a cose un tantino piu' importanti (cosi' gli sfaccendati si annoiano e cambiano canale). Ricevo questo interessante manifesto, finora sottoscritto da molti storici spagnoli e latinoamericani. Qualche estratto (dalla versione inglese):

"The twenty first century historiography requires both the illusion and the reality of truly innovative approaches or else, like Lot´s wife, it will turn into a statue of salt; To make possible a history free of adjectives, an integral history, we must therefore, experiment with research proposals which take the global as their starting point and not as a "Utopian horizon": mixed lines of study as regards sources and topics, methods and specialties; incorporating to general history the most innovative, specialized paradigms; combining qualitative and quantitative approaches; designing temporalities(which include present and future) and different scales; scrutinizing the global through concepts and methods, still potentially wide reaching and comprehensive like mentality and civilization, society, network and social change, narration and comparison, and create new ones; investigating world history as a new front of global history; using new technologies to work at the same time with the written word, voices and images ,thus bringing research and dissemination together; promoting reflection and debate, methodology and historiography, making them a common ground for all historical specialties as well as a meeting point for other disciplines.; e ancora: The transnational communities of historians, organized over the Internet, already play an important role in the creation of new consensus to the detriment of the former system in which national historiographies depended on others and where academic exchanges were elitists, hierarchical and slow.

We do not conceive historiographic globalization as a standardizing process . We think and do history and the history of history as teachers and researchers , in different overlapping and interrelated spheres:local, regional, national , continental and international /global..."

C'e' ancora molto da riflettere su questo manifesto, formulato ormai da due anni e ora proposto a un pubblico piu' vasto.