III Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate Santiago de Compostela

IV Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate
Santiago de Compostela, 15-19 de diciembre de 2010



Brief Curriculum Vitae of Tero Anttila

Current Situation:

Doctoral Student at the University of Oulu in Finland.

Major Subject: History of Science and Ideas.

Preparing a thesis on Swedish and European historical research from the sixteenth to the early eighteenth century. Has been as visiting doctoral student at the University of Uppsala in 2009.

Other fields of interest: the role of myth in history, early modern scientific and religious thought, theories of nationalism and ethnicity as well as 20th century philosophy of history.

Selected Sample of (English) presentations

Lecture: Historical views on national and ethnic identity: In Search of Origins NationalMyths in the Pre-Modern Swedish Historical Research. 17.3.2010, Oulun Yliopisto (University of Oulu). Northern Memory and Identity.

Conference Presentation: Between Bureus and Rudbeck: the Development of the Hyperborean motive in Swedish historiography 16301680. CFP Nordisk konferens i idhistoria, Ume Universitet (University of Ume, Sweden) 22-23.9.2009.

Conference Presentation: The Power of the Ancient Wisdom: Johannes Bureus (15681652) and the Esoteric-Patriotic Background of the Hyperborean Theory in the Seventeenth century Swedish Historiography. At The 29th Irish Conference of Historians: Power & History. University of Limerick & Mary Immaculate College, Venue: Strand Hotel, Limerick 1214.6.2009.

Conference Presentation: East of Atlantis: Olof Rudbeck the Elders (16301702) Description of the Region of Ancient Finland in Atlantica. Itmeren itlaidalla II (On the Eastern Edge of the Baltic Sea -seminar II) (University of Oulu) 2829.8.2008.

Selected (English) Publications

Tero Anttila, East of Atlantis Ancient Finland and its Inhabitants in Olof Rudbeck the Elders (16301702) Atlantica, 3956. Conference Anthology, Itmeren Itlaidalla II. ed.: Kari Alenius, Anita Honkala & Sinikka Wunsch, Rovaniemi 2009.

Henry Oinas-Kukkonen, Jarmo Pulkkinen & Tero Anttila, Continuity and Discontinuity in the History of Discoveries and Innovations, Rovaniemi 2008.