III Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate Santiago de Compostela

IV Congreso Internacional Historia a Debate
Santiago de Compostela, 15-19 de diciembre de 2010


Ponencias aceptadas


Mesa J. Historia acadmica y ficcin histrica


Michael Roessner (University of Vienna, Austria)


Translating history - Relations between historiography and historical literature in different cultural contexts


Based on a concept of Translatio/n, i.e. cultural translation, the paper tries to discuss the relationship of historical fiction and historiography in different locations and periods (cronotopoi) Starting with Alonso de Ercillas "La Araucana" and Garcilaso de la Vega el Incas "Comentarios reales" (Hispanoamrica, Renacimiento), two literary works which translate history into fiction, but also literary concepts into historiography, we shall arrive at Central-European texts of the 20th century (Hofmannsthal, Musil, Csokor, Bernhard) using historical disguise to express contemporary problems or try to subvert historiography by means of literature.